something in the letters

what do you want to do?

she asks, and doesn’t say


and listens when you answer the wrong question, but you feel her reply would be the same no matter what you say:

she nods, she smiles, and she stops looking at you. she is not scornful, not superior. she only has no need to watch you, only to listen to you, and she listened to you already.

and you don’t even think to turn the questions on her. you don’t have to. you hear it in her voice. you know it from her words. you know it, and it doesn’t need words.

but when you ask, inevitably, the response is passionate as she doesn’t know how to be.

there is nothing else for me to be.

and it’s true, but you also think it’s wrong, because she could be (might be, already is) everything.


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